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ABOUT Lee Anne 

Hi, I'm Lee Anne Shalev and this is Creative Expressions.

From my earliest years, I have loved words and music and they've played a central role in the soundtrack of my life.


I've always loved the immense power of words to inspire, empower, and encourage action. It's been my bread and butter for my entire working life.

Guitar by Andrei Yushchenko from the Noun Project





Lee Anne Shalev_3.jpg

Music always had the power to lift me up, make me smile, get my feet tapping, and my body moving. From the age of 12, playing the guitar gave me the freedom to sing the songs of my choosing. Much later, it helped me give voice to my thoughts and feelings, to create a musical tapestry of my personal history.

Today, I hold singing circles in which we explore the healing power of our own voices as well as work with individuals, helping them use their voice as a healing modality.

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